Last date to send block change request: 15th Dec, 2016 3:00pm.

Great News!

Unapproved and pending SDC for KYP shall be given opportunity to change their blocks and proceed with registration process. If you want to change your block please go through the following Instructions:

We are starting phase II of KYP SDC registration process, very soon. You are provided an opportunity to complete your registration process by completing the incomplete steps and amending the information entered earlier. You can see the revised activity schedule in your log in and on the website. In normal course, you will not be able to amend your district and block.
In case you wish to change your block, for which you had applied earlier; please, first apply for block change by sending email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the below information.

Center Name:

AO Code:

OLD District Name:

OLD Block Name:

New District Name:

New Block Name:

Note: Only one chance for block change will be allowed. Block once changed will not be changed again under any circumstances.

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